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Recording Strings – Tips and Tricks

The following is reprinted from: Tired of those sampled string sounds? Hugh Robjohns outlines a number of techniques and tips for recording reallive string soloists and string sections. The art and the challenge of recording is all about capturing the best possible rendition of the musical performance without colouring the tonal quality of the instruments or swamping their subtleties in undesirable mechanical […]

Recording A String Section

The following is reprinted from: You can mike up a string section in many different ways, but which one sounds best? We explain the theory behind the most popular mic techniques and then record several of them on a real string session so that you can let your ears decide. By Hugh Robjohns   The quality and realism of […]

Strings in a Hurry

The following is reprinted from: Whether you’re recording real players or using samples, our in-depth guide is your key to polished and authentic-sounding strings. Mike Senior There was a time when lush-sounding string overdubs were one of the hallmarks of a big-budget production, and while there’s still nothing that quite matches the sound of a real string orchestra, these […]


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