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Demo Reel


“Donde Está la Vida” Onírico Tango
Producer: Pablo Etcheverry
℗ 2013

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – The Butler
Composer: Sveinung Nygaard
℗ 2013

The Exorcist Diaries Trailer
Composer: James McWilliam
Director: Craig Pickles

Disney-Pixar Kinect Rush – Xbox 360
Producer: Jochen Flach at Dynamedion
℗ 2012 Microsoft Studio

Bollywood Loops
Producer: James Holder
℗ 2012 Platinum Loops

“Fuga Del Abasto” Antonio Lysy at the Broad
Composer: Pablo Hopenhayn
Esession Strings

“Te Extraño” – Calamaro on the Rock
Andrés Calamaro
Producer: Rafa Arcaute
℗ 2010 Warner Music Spain
“Understood” MACA Album Vol.1
Producer: Yan Ung at MACA
Macau Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers
℗ 2013 Mastermind Music Production and Publisher

“For Emma” Vitamin String Quartet performs Bon Iver
Producer: Pablo Hopenhayn at Esession Strings
℗ 2011 Vitamin Records

“Never Better than Nothing” Amidst
Producer: Amidst
℗ 2012 Tam Record International

“Tita” Sol Pereyra
Producers: Silvano Zetina and Sol Pereyra
℗ 2012 Cosmica Records

“Maria Nieves” 2012 Tango Worldcup
Producer: Fernando Gracia
Composer: Pablo Hopenhayn
Esession Strings


Video Games

Loop Collections

Disney-Pixar Kinect Rush
for Xbox 360

Producer: Jochen Flach at Dynamedion
℗ 2012 Microsoft Studios

Bollywood Loops

Producer: James Holder
2012 Platinum Loops



Rosario se ver mejor

Palmo Addario

El Fantasma

Silvia Hopenhayn


Te Extraño
Calamaro on the Rock

Andrés Calamaro
Producer: Rafa Arcaute
℗ 2010 Warner Music Spain

Vitamin String Quartet
performs Bon Iver

Producer: Pablo Hopenhayn at Esession Strings
℗ 2011 Vitamin Records


Producer: Amidst
℗ 2012 Tam Record International

MACA Album Vol. 1 & 2

Yan Ung at MACA
Macau Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers
℗ 2013 Mastermind Music Production and Publisher<

Puede Ser

Silvina Moreno
℗ 2012 Pattaya Records


Sol Pereyra
℗ 2012 Cosmica Records


Additional Session Player credits

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See what other people are saying.

"I met Pablo after I recorded an album that had a solo violin on a couple of songs. I needed a versatile violinist who could play these arrangements live and finding Pablo was great because he added his quality as a special guest in the show and we shared a tour with many unforgettable moments. The most important was enjoying the magical sound that the violin has in the live show, which in turn made each song grow.

I found in Pablo a great instrumentalist; versatile in his ability to play different styles and a great tour partner with whom I was able to share the stage in venues worldwide as well as sharing many life experiences together.

I invite you to know more about this great musician and excellent person who is Pablo Hopenhayn."

Two time Latin Grammy Winner
Multiple US Grammy and Latin Grammy nominee

"It was great working with you and hearing the string parts come alive. Nothing beats real strings and to have them done in an easy no hassle professional way was a win for me as a composer. Thank you so much!"

BRAD SAYLES – Composer


I did 4 songs with Mr. Pablo Hopenhayn in last year. Those songs was become more temperament after his string arrangement. It brought me enormous enjoyment. I will work with Esession String in the future.”

Yan Ung
Music producer - Macau, China
MACA (Macau Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

"Working with Pablo and Esession Strings was an excellent experience and one that I would highly recommend. I had just the one track in a feature film that required strings and so I decided to contact Pablo about recording a large string section remotely. The process was very simple and the results were faultless. Being able to have real strings in this one cue added so much to the film as a whole, it's certainly something I would do again on future productions."

James McWilliam – composer

"Working with essions-strings was an ease and in every aspect professional: recording-quality, performance, communication. I would always come back and let them record my stuff, if the budget's there."

Jochen Flach
at Dynamedion, Germany

"Professional, adaptable and very musical. Lifted the track lot! Would definitively do it again."

Sveinung Nygaard

“I think the tracks are really great. I put the mix up and dropped them right in. Just like magic they line up and fall right into place.”

Glen Wheeler – studio manager
Tierra Studios

"I had an opportunity to work with Esession Strings for cello and violin parts on a few songs. In the past I've had to use samples that always end up sounding fake, or dealing with people that were in an orchestra at one point in time and may or may not be that great of musicians. When I got the files from Esession strings, they blew me away with not only the musicianship, but the engineering of the recordings as well. Pitch was great, tone was great, timing, nuances of a great performance were all there. Everyone involved with the project commented on how great the strings came out. When I brought it in for mastering, even the mastering engineer commented on how great the strings sounded. When the project calls for it and the budget allows, I will definitely be back! "

Aaron Giese
Geeztown Productions

"I worked with esessionstrings for a song called What if. It was one of the best collaborations I had in my life, I just sent the sheet music and some audio guide and in a couple of days I had the tracks recorded brilliantly, there was no need to remake anything. Meanwhile I could move on recording some other instruments and I had no headaches working with any freakish guest musicians in the studio. I highly recommend it."

Dan Byron – artist/producer

"We had been aware of Pablo and Esession Strings for some time and had been looking for the chance to try them out. Recently we needed to replace a lead cello part in a pop ballad and layer some natural-sounding violins and violas on top of some synthesized string parts. We seized the opportunity and discussed our need with Pablo. After quickly charting up and sending stems, Pablo and his team returned competent and well-recorded performances in a timely manner while we kept busy on other parts of production. Pablo and Co. capably intuited just the right feel and expression for the track with minimal direction. The string tracks were a game-changer for the final mix.

Esession Strings proved to be a very cost and time-effective resource for tracking professional strings. When it comes down to production coordination and simply getting things done, outsourcing to Esession Strings is a wise choice. We look forward to using them in future projects.”

Travis Brown
multi instrumentalist/recording engineer

"When I wrote a Jingle that needed real strings. I hired Pablo Hopenhayn to record 3 separate violins tracks. I'm already accustomed by working with different musicians online, but this was my first time working with strings online.

When I sent Pablo a sample of what I needed with Midi strings and gave him instructions, he immediately understood and knew what I wanted. He went to work and when I've got back the 3 audio files he recorded with a real violin, I was very happy with the results! His timing, phrasing, dynamics and the recording quality in general were great. Much different than any sample library:)

I recommend Affordable solution for recording real strings online!

David Lan

"I hired three different companies to help arrange and record strings for my music and was completely dissatisfied until I hired Esession Strings. They were extremely patient with me, the quality of the work was astounding, and they were absolutely fantastic to work with. I will definitely work with them again in the future."

Josiah Mann – producer

"I hired Pablo Hopenhayn to over-dub and record violins, violas and cellos over sample strings for a demo I needed for a pitch. His service was affordable, reliable, quick and much better than using strictly samples - I was very satisfied with the result."

Ehud Freedman - Composer

"I'd like to express my appreciation to ESessionStrings. I felt a bit tentative taking a shot at getting strings by an online contracting method, but was very pleased with the results. The process was shockingly easy - I just scanned the charts and emailed them over with some audio stems - and twenty-four hours later I had twelve separate WAV tracks of string players playing the parts. When budget allows, I'll still use my best local session string players in studio. But I have to say that for any situation when finances are more confined, this is absolutely the way to go. I listened to each track separately and the players were, without fail, excellent. They were in tune, timing was great - the whole deal. The entire experience was pleasant and professional from start to finish, and I'm delighted."

J. Bielan - Producer

"My experience working with Pablo has been completely positive. In 2011 I sent him some tracks I was working on for my album 'Cinematographique'. Only a few days later I received via email in my studio some violin tracks that were very well played and marvelously recorded. I had only given him some suggestions of what I wanted and he wrote the arrangements and recorded them. When I received his tracks and added them to my project, the music reached a whole other dimension. I think that you can own many good samples, which are often very useful, but to be able to count on a high quality musician, arranger and producer in something so specific as strings is highly important, and can make your music beautiful. I especially recommend working with him, you will not regret it."

Horacio Gomez

"We have hired Esession Strings to record strings for several film projects, and each time we were completely satisfied with the results. Although the music was pretty demanding, we always found the players to be excellent sight-readers and top-notch performers with professional attitudes. They were able to take lifeless tracks with mostly samples, and turn them into lush, warm pieces of music. We definitely plan on hiring Esession for any future projects."

Dan Marschak & Miles Senzaki
Well Versed Productions

"I am incredibly pleased with the work Esession Strings did on my project. The work was done fast and for a very reasonable price. Pablo was most helpful in his consultation during the recording process which made everything go smoothly. I was very happy with the finished product!"

Andrew LaCombe - Composer

"I worked with Pablo on my first two albums: Bla Bla Bla and Comunmixta. My experience was wonderful. His arrangements, way of playing and recording adapted perfectly to each album, and to teach idea and concept. I think that his creativity and sensibility allow him to capture the essence of your music and where you want to go with it, his ideas and recordings integrate perfectly and naturally to each song."

Sol Pereyra

"Esessionstrings provides an amazing tool for the modern producer. We used Esessionstrings services for a string arrangement on a rock song production for Convoy Of Lights. The result: an amazing sounding string section, same as if it would have been done with the full string section altogether in one room. Great intonation and sound, perfect balance between violins, violas and cellos. Pablo and his crew are great to work with. I'm so glad a service like this is around. We will definitely come back for more."

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